Spotify Set to Release ‘Supremium’ Package with High-Quality Audio


Spotify appears to be on the brink of introducing high-quality audio, a long-awaited feature bundled in a rumored package known as ‘Supremium.’

Discovery by Tech Expert

Technology expert Chris Messina stumbled upon references to the name ‘Supremium’ within Spotify’s app code. He also shared the logo for this new package, which consists of the Spotify logo with the text ‘Supremium’ beside it.

In his Threads post, Messina mentioned that the Supremium package would offer features such as 24-bit audio lossless quality, free audiobooks ranging from 20 to 30 hours, listening statistics, AI-powered playlist creation, advanced mixing tools, and a personalization service called ‘Your Sound Capsule.’

While these features sound intriguing, the standout among them is the long-anticipated audio lossless quality that Spotify has been promising. Initially rumored as ‘Spotify HiFi,’ it seems the brand name has now been changed to Supremium.

Audio Lossless Quality

However, the information shared by Messina isn’t entirely new. Last September, Reddit user Hypixely discovered more detailed information than Messina’s findings.

The Reddit post claimed that Spotify’s audio lossless quality wouldn’t suffer from lag or delays. It also mentioned a new feature called Soundcheck, which would analyze users’ listening habits and create unique song mixes for them.

Messina discovered that this feature is now referred to as ‘Your Sound Capsule.’ He speculates that it might be related to the Soundtrack of Your Life feature Spotify launched earlier this year, as reported by TechCrunch on October 9.

Spotify’s Official Stance

Spotify has yet to make an official announcement regarding this feature. A Spotify spokesperson stated that they are unwilling to comment on speculations about new features and currently have no new information to share.

Messina mentioned that the launch date for the Supremium package remains unclear, but there are indications that this service will be rolled out by the end of 2023. Upon its launch, this package is likely to be priced at $19.99 per month.

Enhancing the Audio Experience

The addition of high-quality audio to Spotify’s offerings is a significant development for audiophiles and music enthusiasts. While competition in the music streaming industry is fierce, providing users with the option of lossless audio quality can set Spotify apart.

As the music streaming landscape continues to evolve, Spotify aims to remain at the forefront by catering to users who prioritize audio quality. Supremium is expected to elevate the listening experience for subscribers, ensuring that their music sounds clearer and more immersive than ever before.

While Spotify hasn’t officially confirmed these details yet, the potential launch of Supremium is an exciting prospect for subscribers who value premium audio quality in their music streaming experience.