Baby Photography is one of those niches that can be difficult to pull off. That’s because kids are unpredictable, and even if you plan a shot very well, they might not be in the mood to follow your instructions.

You can even use newborn baby props for the photoshoot and all kinds of other stuff in order to make things more engaging, that’s all up to you and the ideas you have in mind. But what trends are there in the Baby photography world now, and are they a good idea?

Using all kinds of cool props

As we mentioned above, using newborn baby photoshoot props is a very good idea. It allows you to experiment, try out new things and truly push the experience to new heights. It will take a bit of time to find the right props, and sometimes the unexpected ones will be the best option. Baby nests, phone books, a blanket, all of these are some great newborn photoshoot props that can really push the boundaries and bring in more exciting ideas into the mix.


“When photographing a newborn baby, it should always be posed on something. So, it is very important to have the right baby posing props for photography.“


Playing around with colors

You can go ahead and change the background colors, play around with things and see what works. If you’re using props, you may have to update their colors in order to match your visual style. That’s the great thing, the fact that you can experiment, try out a variety of unique options and features, then push it to the next level. It’s exciting and rewarding, and you get to identify what works for your child.

Experimenting with textures

Many experts take professional photographer baby pictures based on a certain texture. As a parent, you can play around with materials like cotton, linen, maybe you can bring in a basket. All of these things can help you push the boundaries and come up with something unique and creative.

Nature photos

Taking photos in nature with your child is a great idea, since you get to capture a lot of incredible landscapes. Kids also love exploration, so this is a great fit. With that in mind, you can still experiment and try out new stuff if you want. It really helps bring in a unique perspective, with results being second to none.


The next big thing in Baby photography comes in the form of various trends and features people tend to focus on. Nowadays, there are dozens of trends, so it’s important to understand and acknowledge them, then experiment to find what really works.

These tips help you show off the great ideas you have in mind, and the outcome can be great. We recommend you to give it a shot and you will be incredibly happy with the way it all flows together. Alternatively, you can order a pre-made backdrop for your child from Love and Bub. They offer some amazing custom baby portraits!

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