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The Difference Between a Poster Art and a Canvas Art

A portrait can refer to any art form that depicts a representation of a person wherein the face is the focus of the art. It can be a photograph, a painting, a caricature, a sculpture, a sketch, or any form of illustration.

A poster is a flat piece of paper that can be matte or glossy. A canvas is heavier than a poster because it posters are just a pieces of paper but posters can look better and heavier depending on the frame you put them in.

A canvas is also the cloth artists paint on, or such a painting itself. Canvas thickness varies but the usual sizes are from 20x20cm or 8x8" to 70x100cm or 28x40".

If you're thinking of buying a gift for someone, we recommend canvas over a poster.

  • Canvases are more personal.

Since portraits involve actual people's faces, they seem more personal and closer to the heart, especially among loved ones. A custom portrait will always feel more personal when they are made in a canvas.

If there's no occasion, you can still make it special even without an occasion or a professional photographer, just grab your phone and take a good shot of your child and select a theme from Love and Bub's growing collection.

  • Portraits elicit emotions.

Canvas portraits of newborn babies will always fill parents up with emotions of love and happiness. Because canvas portraits are associated with a person, looking at them is more likely to elicit emotions from the viewer as compared to other photos in a framed canvas. 

  • Canvases preserve memories.

People change as they grow. Children, especially, seem to grow up really fast. That’s why canvas portraits are a good way of preserving memories.

Fairytale Castle Artwork For Arya

A portrait of your daughter in a castle will remind you of a phase in her childhood when she was obsessed with fairy tales and princesses. She will also look back on all the fond memories years from now when she catches a glimpse of her canvas portrait. 

With Love and Bub Portraits, we use state of the art in printing to ensure that the quality that you get for your canvas to last a lifetime.

Portraits and other images in posters and canvases both serve the same purpose of increasing the color and beauty of your walls. But if you want the house to feel more personal and be filled with positive emotions, then including a few canvas artworks on your walls would be your best bet.

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