Once the news of a new baby in the family spreads, there’s no stopping the joy and excitement that radiates throughout the house.

Everyone in the family from the proud grandparents to the excited aunts and uncles just can’t wait to get their hands on the little one. But because you’ve lived for years with only adults around, your home might not be safe or even baby-friendly at all.  

Start with this list to prepare for the arrival of your new baby

  1. Set up a nursery room. 

Where is your baby going to sleep? Before the arrival of the new baby comes and takes all of your time and attention, make sure you prepare a comfy and cozy space just for him. Designate a room in your house entirely for your baby where you can store all the baby essentials. Organize the room by allocating nursing stations, play areas, and other necessities. 

  1. Baby-proof your entire home. 

The safety of your baby should not be limited to his nursery room. Make sure that each room in your house has a designated baby space and should be completely safe for your baby. Plugin the sockets, do the necessary repairs and add corner guards all over the house before your baby finally comes. 

  1. Make the atmosphere baby-friendly with customized baby portraits.    

Once you got the basics down, it's time to beautify your home. With the hundreds of ornaments, you can choose from, go for something aesthetic yet sentimental. How about customized baby portraits for the arrival of your new baby?

Love and Bub freeze precious baby moments in time through beautiful, customized baby portraits. It is completely hassle-free too as you simply need to send them a photo of your baby and leave the magic to them. Choose from their most popular customized baby portraits:

No need to overthink whether you’ve got everything ready for your baby yet. Just take it easy and enjoy every moment in parenthood. As long as you follow the above guide, a happy baby is guaranteed. 

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