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A DIY baby photoshoot always seems like it would be fairly easy, yet something was never quite right with the shots I took. They were either too dark, too clutter or just plain ‘off’.

Here's a short list of things you need to watch out during your Baby's Shoot (at Home)
1. Lighting
2. Pose and Positioning
3. Costume and Equipment

Remember: Make sure your place where you're shooting is a good environment for a newborn up to 12 months. Babies like warm environments, so have a space heater ready regardless of the season.

Sleepy newborns are your friend. Unlike professional models, newborns do not take direction from photographers. The only way to make sure they won’t move during the shot is to take photos when they’re asleep. Once you wrap the baby, don’t unwrap them until you’re done with all of those poses. If you take the wrap off, they’ll wake up.

Keep the little one safe and healthy.
A baby’s well-being is more important than anything else during the shoot. It’s not just about knowing how to take photos. It’s also about safety. You’ve got to know how to hold babies and pose them without hurting them. To facilitate the best sessions, learn how to handle the baby and what to do if they wake up and cry.

Never leave the baby unattended during the shoot. A newborn photo might look like the baby is asleep alone on a cushion, but an adult always needs to be close.

Babies that are hungry or need a diaper change are part of the newborn photography game. Be ready when they cry out for their physical needs.

The perfect costume and props
for your baby

When gathering equipment for newborn photoshoots, start with the basics. Every newborn session should have wraps. Skin-toned and neutral-colored wraps are good options to have on hand as they give you options that go well with whatever you choose for your baby to wear. Once you have a good collection of wraps and other basics like headbands or bonnets, the better. You can also bring tiny costumes on hand to dress up your baby's background like bunnies or teddy bears.


Regardless of how you dress the newborn/baby/child is, make sure you have something comfortable for the baby to rest on during the shoot like a bean bag, pillow, or cushion.

"A baby makes love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller, and a home happier."

(This bit is important so please take some time to go through)

All examples on Love and Bub result from high quality photos. To ensure the best quality of your custom portrait, please take a look at our photo quality checklist below:

Ensure good lighting, outdoor natural daylight always results in the best photos
Get down to eye level with your child before taking photo
Try to capture an image with your child looking away slightly
Get a closeup shot so we can capture some unique features of your baby
Do not upload blurred photos
Bad lighting makes it difficult to distinguish features
No missing parts of the baby (i.e the leg is not included when taking the photo)
It's better to take a photo of your child in a white or plain background
Do not use colored backgrounds or noisy backgrounds
Baby's hair should not be messy
Do not submit pixelated photos
Photos must not be taken on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and not a screenshot


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