Having a newly born baby inside the house is not a walk in the park. Unless you have a full-time nanny or a house nurse who will look after the baby the whole day (and night), taking care of a newborn can be challenging for mothers.

It will be best if you establish a daily schedule with a newborn to anticipate what you should do throughout the day.

Whether you’re a new mom or an experienced parent, this sample daily schedule with a newborn can help you make the first few months after your childbirth easier and more bearable.

Morning Routine

Newborn babies tend to sleep more during the day. This is because they still can’t distinguish between day and night. Therefore, it’s best to make your baby’s nursery as conducive, safe, and comfortable for sleeping as you can.

Choose a safe and durable crib or baby nest where she can sleep soundly. Set up proper lighting and temperature. And decorate the nursery with fancy wall stickers, stuffed animals, and personalized wall canvas art. With a homey and comfortable room, your baby is sure to have a long, quiet, and peaceful sleep.

Afternoon Routine

When your newborn baby is awake, which may not be too long in the morning or afternoon, take this opportunity to play with her. Playing with a newborn stimulates her motor, communication, and cognitive development. So when her eyes are open, it’s best to shake those rattle, make her mobile turn, and sing some nursery rhymes to her.

Bedtime Routine

Before bedtime is an ideal time to bathe your baby in warm water. This is to cool and relax her body, helping her fall asleep more easily. Especially after a full feed and a dry nappy, your newborn baby is ready to doze off throughout the night.

Remember that every baby is unique and your daily schedule with a newborn may be different from what was discussed above. The important thing is that you follow a regular routine in order to make it easy for you and your baby to adjust to this new chapter of your life.

You may download a printable checklist here.

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