Baby Photography: Expectations vs. Reality

Baby Photography: Expectations vs. Reality

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You always have some great newborn baby photo shoot ideas that you want to try out, and some of them can be very creative. At the same time, you will have some custom portraits ideas that might not end up the way you want. While it does pay off to be very creative, sometimes the reality is that you will have ideas which don’t translate very well into real life. Yet they are still entertaining and engaging, which is very important.

Head in the hands

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​​Some kids just don’t have the patience to keep their head in their hands. You can end up with some very comedic moments when the baby is tired. If you hire a professional photographer, the baby pictures will still look great, but you will need to do a lot to achieve the idea you have in mind.

Baby sleeping on a blanket

Photo Credit: Georgia Maciel via Pexels

You can use all kinds of newborn baby shoot props, and blankets are definitely a great idea. Of course, not all babies will sleep the same way, and depending on the blanket, you can have a failure on your hands. But you can experiment with ideas and try to come up with something different and exciting, as that’s what matters the most.

The Peekaboo

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This idea requires your child to come out from under the blanket. It sounds simple, but there are all kinds of cute or funny baby faces you can get here. It can be a great baby portrait scene, but then again, it will also take quite a lot of takes. It’s still exciting and one of a kind, well worth your time.

Hammock photos

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Babies love to be in a hammock, it’s a great thing to explore, and it can be a whole lot of fun. It’s also a time when your kid can get entangled pretty fast, and that’s certainly something to keep in mind. The more you focus on this, the better the results you will get. However, you can expect multiple tries until you get the right position as it is a dangerous pose for any baby.

Family portraits

Ideally, a family portrait photo shouldn’t be hard to do. But making kids stick to a certain facial expression can be tough. They always try out new things, and if they feel unhappy, you will know that. It’s exactly why a family portrait can be tough to pull off. Yet it’s not something impossible, that’s for sure.

Photo Credit: Patrick Jensen via Unsplash

As you can see, baby photography can be more difficult than you imagine. You can take these photos and create some custom baby portraits and all kinds of great artwork. However, you need to expect some challenges that can arise as you try to take these photos.

It’s still an incredible experience and a resounding opportunity you do not want to miss. It’s important to have patience, be creative and come up with the right ideas. If you do it right, these pictures can easily be translated into canvas portraits!

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July 28, 2021 by Lia Anderson
The Next Big Thing in Baby Photography

The Next Big Thing in Baby Photography

Baby Photography is one of those niches that can be difficult to pull off. That’s because kids are unpredictable, and even if you plan a shot very well, they might not be in the mood to follow your instructions.

You can even use newborn baby props for the photoshoot and all kinds of other stuff in order to make things more engaging, that’s all up to you and the ideas you have in mind. But what trends are there in the Baby photography world now, and are they a good idea?

Using all kinds of cool props

As we mentioned above, using newborn baby photoshoot props is a very good idea. It allows you to experiment, try out new things and truly push the experience to new heights. It will take a bit of time to find the right props, and sometimes the unexpected ones will be the best option. Baby nests, phone books, a blanket, all of these are some great newborn photoshoot props that can really push the boundaries and bring in more exciting ideas into the mix.


“When photographing a newborn baby, it should always be posed on something. So, it is very important to have the right baby posing props for photography.“


Playing around with colors

You can go ahead and change the background colors, play around with things and see what works. If you’re using props, you may have to update their colors in order to match your visual style. That’s the great thing, the fact that you can experiment, try out a variety of unique options and features, then push it to the next level. It’s exciting and rewarding, and you get to identify what works for your child.

Experimenting with textures

Many experts take professional photographer baby pictures based on a certain texture. As a parent, you can play around with materials like cotton, linen, maybe you can bring in a basket. All of these things can help you push the boundaries and come up with something unique and creative.

Nature photos

Taking photos in nature with your child is a great idea, since you get to capture a lot of incredible landscapes. Kids also love exploration, so this is a great fit. With that in mind, you can still experiment and try out new stuff if you want. It really helps bring in a unique perspective, with results being second to none.


The next big thing in Baby photography comes in the form of various trends and features people tend to focus on. Nowadays, there are dozens of trends, so it’s important to understand and acknowledge them, then experiment to find what really works.

These tips help you show off the great ideas you have in mind, and the outcome can be great. We recommend you to give it a shot and you will be incredibly happy with the way it all flows together. Alternatively, you can order a pre-made backdrop for your child from Love and Bub. They offer some amazing custom baby portraits!

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The Difference Between a Poster Art and a Canvas Art

The Difference Between a Poster Art and a Canvas Art

Artwork makes an impact and adds a personal touch to your home, even if you’re not the artist.

The Difference Between a Poster Art and a Canvas Art

A portrait can refer to any art form that depicts a representation of a person wherein the face is the focus of the art. It can be a photograph, a painting, a caricature, a sculpture, a sketch, or any form of illustration.

A poster is a flat piece of paper that can be matte or glossy. A canvas is heavier than a poster because it posters are just a pieces of paper but posters can look better and heavier depending on the frame you put them in.

A canvas is also the cloth artists paint on, or such a painting itself. Canvas thickness varies but the usual sizes are from 20x20cm or 8x8" to 70x100cm or 28x40".

If you're thinking of buying a gift for someone, we recommend canvas over a poster.

  • Canvases are more personal.

Since portraits involve actual people's faces, they seem more personal and closer to the heart, especially among loved ones. A custom portrait will always feel more personal when they are made in a canvas.

If there's no occasion, you can still make it special even without an occasion or a professional photographer, just grab your phone and take a good shot of your child and select a theme from Love and Bub's growing collection.

  • Portraits elicit emotions.

Canvas portraits of newborn babies will always fill parents up with emotions of love and happiness. Because canvas portraits are associated with a person, looking at them is more likely to elicit emotions from the viewer as compared to other photos in a framed canvas. 

  • Canvases preserve memories.

People change as they grow. Children, especially, seem to grow up really fast. That’s why canvas portraits are a good way of preserving memories.

Fairytale Castle Artwork For Arya

A portrait of your daughter in a castle will remind you of a phase in her childhood when she was obsessed with fairy tales and princesses. She will also look back on all the fond memories years from now when she catches a glimpse of her canvas portrait. 

With Love and Bub Portraits, we use state of the art in printing to ensure that the quality that you get for your canvas to last a lifetime.

Portraits and other images in posters and canvases both serve the same purpose of increasing the color and beauty of your walls. But if you want the house to feel more personal and be filled with positive emotions, then including a few canvas artworks on your walls would be your best bet.

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4 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Custom Art Portrait

4 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Custom Art Portrait

If you’re thinking of buying a custom art portrait but don’t know where to begin, here’s a quick guide to help you decide on where, how, and what type of custom artwork you want to get.

  • Your purpose

Colorful Cutouts Of The Word Purpose

Make it clear why you want a custom art portrait. Is it a gift for a loved one? Or a way to brighten up a wall. When you know your purpose, you'll have a better idea of the colors, style, and size of the custom artwork you want to buy.

  • Your subject’s character and taste

Once you know who the subject of the portrait is, learn about their character, interests, and taste.

For instance, if you're buying a custom artwork of your child, you can opt for an imaginative canvas art depicting them as a sailor, if they love fun and adventure. If your son loves football, a football stadium portrait will be well received.

  • Your budget and time frame 

From above of dollar bills in opened black envelope placed on stack of United states cash money as concept of personal income

Custom artwork has a wide range in price. Know how much you're willing to spend and stick to your budget. Once you've chosen an artist or company, ask about the turnover time. if it’s too short, it may mean that the artwork is rushed, but if it’s too long, you might miss the event when you plan to give the gift to the recipient.

  • Background of the artist

Do your research on the artist or company you enlist to ensure they deliver high-quality custom artworks. Try to read through testimonials to see what others have to say about their service.

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Customized Canvas Portrait Of Your Loved One

Customized Canvas Portrait Of Your Loved One

A blog about canvas portrait art and the opportunities it provides.
July 06, 2021 by Lia Anderson

How to Calm Your Fussy Baby?

Babies cry in the first six months for about 45 minutes to 2 hours daily normally. It is normal for them to cry for food, sleep, and the change of diapers. In this situation, you need to calm your baby in a very gentle way.

Moreover, babies differ in personality. One thing that is calming for my baby can’t be calming for your baby but you will be able to know his personality with time.

First of all, you should make your baby feel secure by covering it in a soft blanket, holding it in your lap, or cuddling while walking in the house. You can also cover your baby in a blanket and put him in a swing. Mostly, babies want to change the stimulus, and they need you to change the surroundings. In this case, you should hold the baby and try to cuddle while taking a walk on the lawn. Or take the infant for a ride in the car or a stroller.

Babies feel calm and secure if you provide them with an environment like a womb. Playing some humming or heartbeat sound while cuddling with your infant can make them feel at ease. Gently rub the baby’s head to make him fall asleep or stroke his head or back while holding in your hands will make them feel calm. Avoid irritating sounds, dim the lights of the room or go to the other room. If you get to the point where you are frustrated or angry after all your efforts because of crying, it is time to take a break. 

Try another family member or a trusted adult who knows babies well. If you are frustrated, you need to know that the baby is not mad or rejects you. Baby is trying to communicate with you by crying because crying is the only language your baby knows.

June 23, 2021 by Lia Anderson
How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Regularly?

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Regularly?

Ingrid Prueher (the baby sleep whisperer), says, “there is nothing like a bad sleep, but a bad sleep habit, and it is usually reversible.” 

When it comes to regular sleep, you should need a regularity or a routine to get your baby asleep. First of all, you need to know the sleeping hours of your baby. Some sleep for a long period, while others sleep in short intervals. To regularize your baby’s sleep, you need to focus on a few things.

Firstly, you should select the place of sleep. A baby cot will be best for your baby since it has been shown to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. For a good habit, you need a fixed place for your baby to get to sleep.

Before bed, routines are important for a sound sleep. You should get your baby a warm bath before bedtime. Changing clothes and a fresh nappy will be awesome. Brushing your baby (if they have any) is important. Without delay, you should put your baby on the bed with his face and head not covered. A Bedtime story can be very effective for the baby. It will be best if you create a calm environment by dimming the lights and reducing the noise. Babies love to cuddle with their mothers. 

A bedtime kiss or cuddle helps to maintain the bond with your child. You shouldn’t put your baby in the cot after he falls asleep. Rather, you should put it a little before. If your baby is 6 to 12 months, he/she should sleep in the same room as you.

Newborns don’t sleep long; rather, they sleep in short intervals all day and night. It can be not comforting for your routine. 

Therefore, it is best to have a pattern so that you can easily manage your chores. You can change the routine that suits you. For example, you can wake your child for feeding before you go to bed, hoping that you can get a long sleep before your child wakes up. It is imperative to follow the pre-sleeping rituals strictly.

June 22, 2021 by Lia Anderson
Daily Schedule With A Newborn

Daily Schedule With A Newborn

Having a newly born baby inside the house is not a walk in the park. Unless you have a full-time nanny or a house nurse who will look after the baby the whole day (and night), taking care of a newborn can be challenging for mothers.

It will be best if you establish a daily schedule with a newborn to anticipate what you should do throughout the day.

Whether you’re a new mom or an experienced parent, this sample daily schedule with a newborn can help you make the first few months after your childbirth easier and more bearable.

Morning Routine

Newborn babies tend to sleep more during the day. This is because they still can’t distinguish between day and night. Therefore, it’s best to make your baby’s nursery as conducive, safe, and comfortable for sleeping as you can.

Choose a safe and durable crib or baby nest where she can sleep soundly. Set up proper lighting and temperature. And decorate the nursery with fancy wall stickers, stuffed animals, and personalized wall canvas art. With a homey and comfortable room, your baby is sure to have a long, quiet, and peaceful sleep.

Afternoon Routine

When your newborn baby is awake, which may not be too long in the morning or afternoon, take this opportunity to play with her. Playing with a newborn stimulates her motor, communication, and cognitive development. So when her eyes are open, it’s best to shake those rattle, make her mobile turn, and sing some nursery rhymes to her.

Bedtime Routine

Before bedtime is an ideal time to bathe your baby in warm water. This is to cool and relax her body, helping her fall asleep more easily. Especially after a full feed and a dry nappy, your newborn baby is ready to doze off throughout the night.

Remember that every baby is unique and your daily schedule with a newborn may be different from what was discussed above. The important thing is that you follow a regular routine in order to make it easy for you and your baby to adjust to this new chapter of your life.

You may download a printable checklist here.

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Top 3 Easy Ways To Capture Your Baby's Newborn Moments

With a new baby in the house, everyone eagerly takes photos to preserve precious moments in stills they can look back on in the years to come.

Indeed, photos are the only way one can freeze fleeting moments into tangible mementos that are just beyond priceless. While your phone camera can do the trick in capturing ordinary moments, it pays to put in the extra effort to get high-quality prints for your baby’s special occasions and milestones. 

Here are the top 3 ways to secure excellent quality photos of your baby. 

  1. Set up a home studio. 

One way to make sure you can capture a special moment as soon as it happens is by investing in your mini photography studio. It might cost you a lot initially as you need to purchase a high-tech camera, backdrops, props, and everything else from your pocket. But if you intend to photograph your baby regularly, this might be the option for you. 

  1. Hire a professional photographer.  

Don’t have the time nor the space to set up your own studio? You can opt to get a high-quality baby portrait with no strings attached instead and hire a one-time photography service. Simply have your baby pose in front of a camera, pay for the photos, and just like that, you have priceless snapshots to keep forever. However, exposing your newborn to outsiders can be risky.  

  1. Opt for personalized canvas prints. 

If you’re looking for an alternative that is convenient, safe, and affordable, go for Love and Bub’s personalized canvas prints instead. All you have to do is send them any clear-quality baby photo and they’ll do their magic in turning it into a beautiful professionally shot portrait. You can fully customize it by choosing your favorite backdrops such as their popular Precious Treasure Box, Little Sailor, or Greatest Love. Your satisfaction is guaranteed too as you can enjoy unlimited revision on their personalized canvas prints. 

Have you decided on how to get the perfect baby portrait yet? Make sure you choose the best option that won’t compromise your baby’s safety, won’t take up too much of your time and money, and guarantee great results all at the same time. And if you have older kids at home, they also have stunning backdrops for them.

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Getting Your House Ready for the Arrival of a New Baby

Getting Your House Ready for the Arrival of a New Baby

Once the news of a new baby in the family spreads, there’s no stopping the joy and excitement that radiates throughout the house.

Everyone in the family from the proud grandparents to the excited aunts and uncles just can’t wait to get their hands on the little one. But because you’ve lived for years with only adults around, your home might not be safe or even baby-friendly at all.  

Start with this list to prepare for the arrival of your new baby

  1. Set up a nursery room. 

Where is your baby going to sleep? Before the arrival of the new baby comes and takes all of your time and attention, make sure you prepare a comfy and cozy space just for him. Designate a room in your house entirely for your baby where you can store all the baby essentials. Organize the room by allocating nursing stations, play areas, and other necessities. 

  1. Baby-proof your entire home. 

The safety of your baby should not be limited to his nursery room. Make sure that each room in your house has a designated baby space and should be completely safe for your baby. Plugin the sockets, do the necessary repairs and add corner guards all over the house before your baby finally comes. 

  1. Make the atmosphere baby-friendly with customized baby portraits.    

Once you got the basics down, it's time to beautify your home. With the hundreds of ornaments, you can choose from, go for something aesthetic yet sentimental. How about customized baby portraits for the arrival of your new baby?

Love and Bub freeze precious baby moments in time through beautiful, customized baby portraits. It is completely hassle-free too as you simply need to send them a photo of your baby and leave the magic to them. Choose from their most popular customized baby portraits:

No need to overthink whether you’ve got everything ready for your baby yet. Just take it easy and enjoy every moment in parenthood. As long as you follow the above guide, a happy baby is guaranteed. 

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