Parents have an amazing bond and attachment with their newborn babies.

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Most parents have a keen interest in tracking their newborn babies and make their every breath worth living. And to track a newborn baby in the healthiest of ways parents must follow the guidelines.

What should You Track?
The three important categories of a baby's behavior that you need to track are:

  1. Sleep
  2. Feeding habits
  3. Vision

When To Start Tracking
A newborn is highly sensitive but when they become 3 months old, you can start tracking their activities.

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At this age, the newborn baby starts differentiating between colors and shapes.

About Vision Tracking
A newborn baby has nearsightedness, it takes them time to learn, a mother should create a manual record of the baby’s behavior after birth. She should take her baby weekly to the pediatrician and show the pediatrician the records that she had made to understand whether the newborn has healthy vision development.

Tracking for the vision of the baby is important to understand whether the baby is having healthy vision development.

What You Should Do
ou should start first with using big and bright colored things, for example, baby keys, to make them focus and jingle it in front of their eyes. Keep moving it to left and right and record how much of a response the newborn's eyes showed day by day and show the record to the pediatrician.

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How To Track Your Baby’s Vision
Visual stimulation is a great way to assess how well your baby's vision is developing. Select a time when your baby is in a good mood, well-fed, comfortable, and alert to play this simple game.

1. Begin by holding a simple toy (like a ball or a set of baby keys) about nine inches away from your baby's eyes.
2. Wait patiently for her eyes to locate the object in her vision. To capture her attention, you may need to shake the object.
3. Move the object slowly to the left and to the right and allow her to track the object. Don't move the object too quickly, or she will lose her focus. As long as you don't move the object too far from her range of view, her eyes should lock onto the toy.

Feed Habit Tracking
You must also keep a record of the feed that your baby takes to identify if your baby is healthy or not and show it to your baby’s Pediatrician.


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If your baby breastfeeds, you must note how many minutes he fed on the left breast or how many minutes he fed on the right one. And how many times he breastfed the whole day.

A newborn baby must be breastfed 8-12 times per day during his first weeks. And when the baby turns 1 month old, the mother must feed her baby 7-9 times per day.

Drinking Formula Milk

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If you are not breastfeeding your newborn and he is taking drinking formula he'll be needing one bottle after every 2-3 hours. Each ounce must last till you see your baby feeling drowsy.

According to What To Expect, the best baby formula milk is Similac and the best formula for breastfed babies is Enfamil. But keep in mind that every baby is different and even though these 2 are the most popular brands of formula milk, it’s possible that your baby may not like them so before you buy big boxes of milk, try buying the smallest and see if your baby likes it and his/her body reacts nicely to it.

Sleep Tracking

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Sleep is very important for the growth of a newborn baby and keeping a record of it is also very important. The length of sleep of a newborn baby also depends on his/ her feeding, the better a baby feeds the drowsy the baby is.

The National Sleep Foundation says that a newborn baby should have 14-17 hours of sleep. The researchers of the National Sleep Foundation suggest that babies wake up after every two to three hours to get fed, some newborn babies may also sleep 18-19 hours and you should not worry about this because sleeping is healthy for a baby.

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