Most first-time parents enter parenthood with expectations. It is a fact that the idea of parenthood is opposite to reality. Raising a human baby is an all-time responsibility.  


In the early months of parenthood, you will learn a lot about your patience level and about being a parent. The health of your newborn is an important thing. So, it is important to track the baby's feeding, diapers, and sleep. There are multiple ways of recording your baby's health; a few of them are mentioned below.  


You can either use a notebook, an Excel sheet, or a word document. There are multiple apps available on your smartphone to get things done. Whatever mode you choose, make sure it is printable so that you can fill it and take it for your baby's appointment with the pediatrician.




It is important to record your baby's total number of feeds in a single day. Nothing is more important than the feeds for a newborn. 


What to track?


Keep a complete record of the total number of feeds. If a mother is breastfeeding her newborn, she shall note the timings of each nursing period. She must note how long it takes to feed her baby. The same goes for bottle feeding.


Every newborn has her own needs, which means a mother shall follow her baby's cue rather than sticking to a thumb rule: those babies who are fed on bottles shall drink almost 2 to 3 ounces after every 3 hours in the first months. Next six months, your baby shall consume about 4 to 6 ounces every 4 hours. Breastfed newborn needs to be fed for 20 to 60 minutes, almost ten times per day.

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Mostly the first-time parents' questions, what is the link between baby's health and diaper. But of course, it has. 


What to track? 

Keep a note of the wet and dirty diapers of your baby in a single day. The total number of diapers in a single day will let the new moms know if their babies are eating enough or not?


The total number of wet diapers for a newborn should not exceed or less than six diapers in a day.

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The sleeping pattern of your newborn is really important for his health. Make their bedding comfortable.


What to track?


To keep track of your baby's sleeping pattern, write down the time when you put them to sleep and when they get up. 


This is how many moms also get to know the reason why they wake up? Noise, hunger, and leaking diapers can be the reasons. The mothers will also know if the baby is sleeping according to the recommended number of hours. A newborn sleeps between 16 to 18 hours during 24 hours. You can set up multiple alarms on your phone so you can feed your baby so they won’t wake up during sleep.


Every baby’s sleeping pattern changes from time to time for example, in the first 3 months, they sleep straight for 16 hours (don’t forget to feed them every 4 hours) and after another 3 or more months, they’ll sleep intermittently like straight 8 hours then wake up then sleep again.

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