A newborn is one of the greatest blessings a family can have. They are more than just a baby, but more importantly, they bring joy, laughter, and inspiration to each member of the family. If you have a newly born baby at home and you’re wondering how to play with a newborn, this guide will give you ideas that you can follow.

Tips on How to Play with a Newborn

  1. Invest in toys that stimulate the cognitive development of the baby.


While you can always buy a rattle for your baby in the nearest supermarket, you may want to reconsider which toys to buy for her. There are a lot of innovative toys nowadays that are designed to develop and improve babies’ cognitive skills. These include an electronic rattle that plays songs and interacts with the baby, indestructible books, and a play gym to name a few.

  1. Make your baby’s nursery a conducive area to play.


 To motivate your newborn baby to stay awake and play with you, decorate her nursery with bright, colorful things that stimulate her curiosity and attract eye movements.  You can use dainty wallpapers in her room, add colorful toys as a display, and put up personalized wall arts of her or any family member’s photos. At Love and Bub, some of the popular baby canvas arts include Laced Canopy in Garden and Pumpkin Heart.

  1. Spend quality time with your newborn baby. 


While toys, books, and room decorations are important tools in your newborn’s playtime, the one with the most important role, however, is the parent or the family member who will spend time playing and interacting with the baby. In fact, there are some activities that you can do with your newborn without having to spend or purchase anything, such as playing Peek-A-Boo, performing tummy time, and singing nursery rhymes among others.

The Importance of Playing With Your Newborn 

While newborn babies don’t do much and will only sleep most of the time, it is still important to spend time and play with them. It is through playtime that your newborn learns about the world around them and how they can connect with it. Studies also show that play is important to the healthy cognitive development of babies.

So, if you’re looking for ways on how to play with a newborn, you can always refer to our list above. Don’t be shy to share your own list and thoughts on this topic. See you on our next article!

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