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How to Choose A School For Your Child

It’s never an easy decision to choose a school for your child. Most of the years, they are used to just playing. As kids grow up, they do need to think very seriously about their future and the path they will choose in life. That’s why it’s imperative to learn how to choose the right school for your child. This might actually be harder than you imagine, but the results can be amazing.

Key points

  • Decisions about where your child goes to school depending on where you live, your personal values, your child’s needs, school-specific factors, and more.
  • When you’re choosing a primary school, you can also look at things like before-school and after-school care.
  • For secondary schools, you might look at things like electives, extension programs, and extracurricular activities.

Create a list of the things you want from that school

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Having a list is important since you narrow down your expectations and what can be achieved. A good school should have a really good curriculum, stellar staff and teachers, and a great way for teachers to connect with parents, and so on.

Read online reviews about that school

Reading reviews helps a lot since you receive unbiased opinions about the school in question. Obviously, some reviews are biased, but there are plenty of genuine reviews that will tell you about the experience kids have there. Checking the various scores kids receive from their exams at that school can also say a lot about the way they learn and the overall experience.

Is it a good fit?

You want to see if the school has all the features you want. What subject matter and difficulty levels do they provide? Are they supporting social needs, do they ply to your child’s learning style? All these things and many others can tell you if this is a good fit or not.

Talk to other parents

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It’s a good way to receive more opinions and see what the school is lacking and what they excel at. Of course, every school will praise itself online and offline, but talking with parents gives you a more realistic look. You get to know what to expect, and that helps a lot. Checking out a PTA meeting can also be a great idea.

Talk with the principal

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You always want to talk with the principal and ask some of your main questions. The way he replies will give a good idea of what you can expect, whether he is forthcoming about the teaching conditions, features, and any other concerns you may have.

Trusting your gut

Whenever you visit a school, you feel if that environment or location is suitable for your child. All the ideas listed above are still very important, but the truth is that trusting your gut is always important. If you feel something is not ok, you always want to step away. There are many other options anyway.


These tips and tricks will help you choose the right school for your child. When you try to find a good school, the most important thing is to not rush at all. Instead, you want to narrow down the best options and ensure that you receive the best results. It’s going to be a challenge to pick between multiple great schools, but in the end, it’s all about making an informed decision, while also trusting yourself and your instincts!

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July 30, 2021 by Lia Anderson

How To Take Photos Of Kids?

Positive diverse children taking photo on instant photo camera

Learning how to take photos of kids is extremely important, especially if you want to take the perfect pic and not tire out your child. From pre-baby photoshoot ideas to custom baby portraits, all of them need some preparation.

If you do it right, results can be very good every time. That’s what you want to focus on, and you will surely appreciate the way it all comes together here.

Pick the right location

A good idea is to shoot on location, and that’s due to many reasons. The first one is that location shooting will encourage kids to experiment and explore. On top of that, you usually have multiple backgrounds to work with, which is even better. Kids will also love the idea of going to a new place as well.

Start using sidelights or backlights

Natural light is great, but you will also need other light sources too. The best thing you can do is to use some side lights and backlights if you can too. It helps immensely, and you will appreciate the way it all comes together here. You can experiment with the light location too.

Use props

From newborn photoshoot props to something more complex, all the little things matter. You want to come up with something different and interesting, and if you do it right, the potential can be amazing here. 

Capture all the emotions

Kids are experts at sharing their emotions, and that’s the thing you want to focus on. The great thing about capturing emotions is that you get to offer a genuine insight into your child’s mind and life. That alone can make it worth it!

Experiment with lenses

Going with the right focal length and a suitable lens is great, since it helps you make the most out of your pictures. It’s going to be well worth it every time, and the potential is second to none.

Try out wide aperture

The great thing about using a wide aperture is that it allows you to bring in a great background blur. Your kids will be at the forefront, while still making them the star of the entire picture. It’s not about having a stellar background, it’s how you use it.

Moving subject photos

Allow your kids to run and have fun. This is a great idea because you can take pictures as your kid moves, which is really fun. It can take a bit of time to do it right, but the potential can be second to none. That’s the thing to consider, and in the end it will offer the experience and benefits you need.


You can use these tips to take pictures of your child and experiment with all kinds of ideas. It’s not easy, but it will always be worth it. And the best part is that you have immediate access to ways you can experiment and try out new stuff. That’s what will make things worth it.

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How Can I Take Professional Pictures Of My Child?

Preparing the best canvas portraits with professional pictures is very important. You want to know how to make the most out of any situation, and that can always be interesting.

Use these ideas, and you will have a great experience every time, especially as you experiment and focus on improving your professional solutions!

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How to Photograph Children - 17 Great Tips

Top 10 Children's Photography Tips

Taking a baby portrait or photo is very important. There are a variety of great ideas to consider, and the experience itself is nothing short of staggering. Which does bring the question, what can you do in order to take the best pictures for children? Here are some ideas to keep in mind!

  1. Start using accessories, it’s a fun way to create any custom artwork. Most custom portraits in the USA include accessories for kids, and the images are a lot of fun.
  2. Focusing on the body parts helps a lot. It’s what you see in professional photographer baby pictures, and it always looks amazing and interesting.
  3. Shoot from behind if possible. You don’t have to show your kid’s face, and you can still take a cool photo.
  4. Get up close, it’s a fun way to use zoom, and kids always try to experiment with these ideas.
  5. Trying to use scale helps a lot, which is why you want to use other items near your child, just to give that massive sense of scale and great ideas. 
  6. Using a helper can also come in handy. This can be anything from parents to other relatives or even other kids. They will help make the entire process simpler and more convenient.
  7. Smiling is not necessary. Instead, you can try to convey a lot of other emotions. It’s all about having fun, and in the end it’s totally worth it.
  8. Making your kids talk can lead to some great photos. You can take pics as they talk, if you want something natural and unique.
  9. Work with your timing. When it comes to newborn baby photo shoot ideas, you always want to find the perfect timing, as that’s what will help you a whole lot.
  10. Experiment with various composition types. These are great for the new born baby posters and all kinds of other pictures too.
  11. Cropping is sometimes needed, since you can’t really focus on a specific action every time. Experiment and crop as needed, as it will be worth the effort.
  12. Finding the right lighting system is important. Natural light is preferred, but if you don’t have that, try out lighting systems.
  13. Use the continuous mode if you can. This totally helps, and it will convey the benefits and results you need. 
  14. Showing off your face when you take pics will make your child more comfortable in front of the camera. It’s a nifty idea and a cool trick that you should always use, because it’s well worth testing out and seeing how it works.
  15. Use simple backgrounds. Your focus has to be on your child, not on the background. So a simpler background will do wonders here.
  16. Shoot everything, and then edit those pictures you like. Depending on the situation, there are a lot of moments you can shoot, so might as well do it right.
  17. Get down to your child’s level. You will notice there’s a lot more to see and enjoy, and those pictures will be truly unique. 

There are many different ways you can photograph children. It’s definitely a challenge to try out and find all kinds of methods, but in the end it’s what will make the experience worth it. Just take your time, use these ideas, and you will surely have a lot of fun!

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How To Create Custom Art Portraits

A blog that talks about different Custom Art Portraits.
July 13, 2021 by Lia Anderson

How To Keep Track Of Your Baby’s Habits?

baby lying on inflatable ring

Photo Credit: @zoncoll

Making sure that you track your baby’s habits is very important. This can tell you a lot about your baby, the way he completes all kinds of tasks, how he behaves and so on. Understanding these things will give you a very good idea of what you can expect and what schedule your baby has during the day. This also helps you identify what potentially damaging or problematic habits exist that might need to be removed.

Use a dedicated app

Baby Tracker - Newborn Feeding, Diaper, Sleep Log by NIGHP SOFTWARE - more  detailed information than App Store & Google Play by AppGrooves - Parenting  - 10 Similar Apps, 6 Review Highlights & 168,872 Reviews

If you want to ensure that you track your baby’s sleep, diet and other tasks, it makes a lot of sense to use applications/ mobile apps are very easy to access, most of them are free, and the fact that you are able to view explanatory videos, take notes, monitor sleeping schedules, feeding and the overall growth is very important. It’s a great tool and one that helps push the experience to new heights. 

It helps more than you might imagine, and the quality can indeed be second to none. Some good apps are FirstYear, WebMD Baby, Baby Sprout, Eat Sleep, Baby Food Allergy Tracker, Baby Connect and so others.

What do you need to track?


baby in white diaper standing beside blue and red balloons

Photo Credit: @corrynewooten

For diapers, you want to track things like the number of dirty and wet wipes used every day. This will let you know if your child is eating enough at this time or not. Usually, kids produce 6 wet diapers a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.


Photo Credit: @lwolski

You want to track every nursing session, when it begins, when it ends, when you are switching to the other breast and also how long every session can really be. A feeding chart will help the pediatrician figure out what is happening and why there are problems. It’s certainly something to take into consideration. 


baby's gray knit hat

Photo Credit: @marlady

It’s very important to ensure that you are monitoring your child’s sleep habits and naps. You can also track the reason why your kid wakes up, be it from hunger or just naturally. You will see if your baby is sleeping the normal amount of time for his/her age or not. If it’s not the case, then the doctor will know what issues arise and what you can do to stop them.

Sometimes, sleep disruptions can appear from reflux and other health issues. So it’s imperative to monitor your child’s sleep, as you can learn a lot of things. Newborns need to sleep up to 18 hours a day, infants up to 4 months have to sleep up to 16 hours a day, babies up to 6 months can sleep 15 hours per day and so on. 


As you can see, tracking your child’s help, sleep and health is extremely important. It will help you assess the situation and ensure that you are always getting access to the best and latest information. Once you know about and identify any issues, it’s a lot easier to solve them. That’s why using dedicated apps to monitor your baby’s health is extremely important!

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How To Introduce Your New Baby To Your Other Kids?

Photograph of Happy Children

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Introducing your new child to the other kids sounds like a challenging thing to do. You want everyone to have a great experience and a fun time, but at the same time you are afraid that they might not be getting along right away. Regardless, introducing your new baby to the other kids is very important, and it’s something you don’t want to take lightly. Which does bring the question, how can you introduce him/her? Here are some tips to get started.

Prepare them beforehand

You don’t want to drop this news when the baby arrives. You can tell them beforehand and let them know about it beforehand. Talk about the idea, let your child know that it will be a lot of fun, interesting and exciting. As soon as you start sharing those kinds of ideas, the potential can be amazing. It’s always going to be some sort of a challenge, but if you do it right and you know what you are getting into, the potential can be great. 

Make sure that you prepare your home

Girl Playing Inside Her Room

Photo Credit: Tatiana Syrikova via Pexels

Since your baby is coming soon, you do want to have a dedicated room already prepared. That’s why having a new layout and even asking your older child for help is very important. Your kid will have a better understanding of what to expect, what challenges can arise and what you can do. Allowing your kid to adjust the layout of the new bedroom is a great idea, and it can make quite the difference.

Give a gift to the older sibling

Mom and adorable little brother and sister in casual wear gathering in cozy living room during weekend and having fun together while playing with plastic railway

Photo Credit: Anna Shvets via Pexels

It’s important to avoid situations when you instill any type of rivalry. Instead, you want to show that you still love your child just as much. Sharing a gift like a loving note, book or stuffed animal with a note about how excited the baby is to meet their siblings is extremely important and a great idea in the first place.

Introduce the new child by name

Jasper Alina Kevin Niklas Write on Chalkboard

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Yes, a good idea is to try and introduce the child by name, and then you can let them meet, touch and connect with one another. It’s imperative to not have very high expectations with this first encounter, so try to keep that in mind and ensure that there are no real problems to begin with. Keep things positive and bring in a great outlook.

Give the older child a job to do

Free stock photo of family playing

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You want your older child to be involved in some way. Things like showing the baby a toy, singing a lullaby or helping with feeding is a great idea. These things really help push the experience to new heights, and you will be incredibly impressed with the process and results. It’s always an important thing to consider, and the payoff will be really engaging.

At the end of the day, introducing your new baby to the other kids does have its fair share of challenges. But it’s still something that should happen naturally, and without a lot of fuss. Use these tips listed above, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below.

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How To Celebrate Independence Day For Kids

How To Celebrate Independence Day For Kids

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Independence Day is a time of celebration for both kids and adults. It’s important to figure out what activities are engaging, fun, and interesting for the entire family. All you need to do is to make the right pick and you will be very happy with the process and results. With that being said, it’s always a challenge to try and celebrate this day appropriately. This is why we created a list with some of the most important activities to check out during this great holiday, especially if you have kids.

Flag hoisting

Flag hoisting

Photo Credit: Yulkapopkova via Getty Images

This is a cool Independence Day activity because it imbues a sense of pride and happiness into your child’s mind. It shows that yes, this is a time for celebration, happiness, and excitement. It always has its fair share of challenges, but in the end, it’s always something cool and one of those things that you need to celebrate and enjoy all the time.

Dress up competition

Dress Up Competition

Photo Credit: Budingstar via Pinterest

Kids love to dress up, and the Independence Day festivities are a great time to do something like that. It’s a great way for kids to control their own emotional response, plus it imbues their creativity and it pushes those ideas to the next level. It’s a cool concept and one that you will cherish more than you might imagine.

Play some Independence Day games

Father and Child Playing Independence Day Games

Photo Credit: Yulkapopkova via Getty Images

These activities can be anything from musical chairs to crossword puzzle games, maybe even karaoke and so on. Another good game would be four corners. It’s always exciting and fun to have such activities, it all comes down to figuring out which one of these games suits your kids and what they like the most.

Flag relay

Photo Credit: Frank McKenna via Unsplash

This is a relay race, and kids need to carry a flag and race it to the end of the course. It’s a cool idea, it brings in a lot of competitive feelings in kids, plus it can be a great workout. All in all, it’s an interesting approach and a great activity to begin with, certainly a lot of fun and very engaging at the same time.

T-shirt painting

 A Young Girl Doing T-Shirt Painting

Photo Credit: KatarinaGondova via Getty Images

You can also go with a more creative activity, which is t-shirt painting. It’s a great idea to buy some paint and blank shirts, then you just leave your kids to draw anything they want. Once you leave the shirts to dry, they can actually wear their creations, which is really cool.


There’s no shortage of great activities to try out with your family during Independence Day. It all comes down to having fun and just enjoying the experience. Of course, there are obvious challenges that can arise, but thanks to the right activities, you will be able to make it work. We recommend you avail the opportunity and just immerse yourself in the process. It won’t be easy, but at the end of the day, this is an amazing way to have fun as a family, while also celebrating Independence Day the right way!

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How To Help A Sick Baby?

Helping a sick baby is extremely important, you need to take good care and nurture him properly. This is not going to be easy, but helping a sick baby can be quite an enjoyable experience. Which does make you wonder, which is the right way to help a sick baby? Here are some ideas to get started.

Create a happy environment

Preparing some personalized unique baby gifts is always a great option. You want to customize the room to make it feel a lot more enjoyable and interesting. Aside from offering the right treatments to the doctors, you can also buy your child new stuff and things that make him happy. You can also add other elements like a baby birthday photo frame for example. As long as you are creative, this can be really exciting and certainly a lot of fun. Even some cool baby boy photo frame templates can help you bring in some excitement and great ideas into the mix. 

Steam from the shower can do the trick

A good hot bath combined with some medical treatments afterwards can help a lot. It will help your baby get back on track and also stay healthy. Of course, you want to ensure that the bath is not too hot, just to prevent any issues. A vapor bath that’s followed by a saline rinse can be just as good. Then you can add the new born baby posters to create a great and happy environment!

Buy a good humidifier

The humidifier will remove all humidity from the room, which usually maintains a lot of bacteria and unhealthy compounds alive. It’s a great investment, plus it keeps the air healthy for everyone. There are many different options, all you need is to find the right one to suit your needs. It might be one of the personalized first birthday gifts your friends or family might bring to your child! Try this best selling humidifier we found on Amazon by AquaOasis.

Suck the snot out of the baby nose

There are products that help you do that and it works like this Snot Aspirator by Frida. Babies can’t do that themselves, so you have to assist them during this process. It works great, and you can use the system as many times as you need it. That’s the thing to keep in mind, and the payoff can be very good.

Hold your baby upright

Why is this important? Holding the baby upright helps with the airflow, and that will help prevent congestion or any breathing problems. Try to keep that in mind, since it can be a very good option to consider whenever your child is sick.


Yes, aromatherapy can help soothe your child too. A great option is definitely eucalyptus aromatherapy, because it does wonders and it works for babies. If this is not ok for you, then you can try out a variety of essential oils to see which one delivers the right results. You can try this best-selling InnoGear Humidifier with your chosen essential oils for your baby’s aromatherapy. The good thing about it is that It’s not just for babies, it’s for the whole family!


If your baby is sick, the first thing you want to do is to calm down and prepare adequately. It’s important to have a good plan and understand how to take good care of your child. The list of tips presented above is a great one, and it will help make the experience better and more engaging every time. It’s not going to be simple to help a sick baby, but with the right amount of patience and planning, you will be able to make it work!

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How To Travel With A Newborn?

How To Travel With A Newb

Photo Credit: Baby Globe Trotters

Traveling with a newborn is exciting, but also a bit of a challenge. Now that you have shared your personalized 1st birthday gifts and you want to go on a trip, it’s important to be prepared. If you prepare properly, you will not have to worry about any possible issues that might arise. That being said, the best approach is to have the right products with you and figure out the right time to use them.

Get some travel essentials

When you travel with a newborn, a very good idea is to prepare some essentials. In this case, you want to go with some drinks and snacks, toys, a change of clothes for your baby, and also a changing mat, wipes, and nappies. These will help make the travel experience better for both you and your child as well. You can also take some pictures that you transform into some newborn baby posters afterward. Buy a good baby birthday photo frame for home as well.

Bring some formula feeding products with you

In case you are formula feeding your baby, it’s a great idea to have formula milk, a travel sterilizer, teats, and bottles. It’s the right set of products you need in order to make the process better and more cohesive. You can also bring any other special product you use for your child.

Get travel insurance

Just to be safe, you want to buy travel insurance. This way if your child is sick or anything happens, you will have coverage and not have to deal with expensive health-related charges. That’s the thing to keep in mind, and results can indeed be among some of the best every time. 

Keep the baby stuff in your hand luggage

If you travel via a plane, it’s important to have all those baby products near you. That will make things better and easier for you since you can easily grab any necessary items from the bag and not have to worry about anything. Opting for airlines that have a dedicated baby holder is just as important. 

Time your journey around nap times

When you’re driving to the destination, a good idea is to time your journey around your baby’s nap times. This way he will sleep and you can drive without a problem. It’s a very interesting approach if you want to avoid any issues, while also making sure that your child is rested properly. If you can find some personalized unique baby gifts along the way, check those out too. 

Take a cushion or blanket with you

Most babies need a comfortable place to sit on, so it makes a lot of sense to grab a blanket or cushion with you if possible. It might not seem that much at first, but it does wonders, and that’s the most important thing to keep in mind.

At the end of the day, traveling with a newborn can be fun, if you prepare adequately. It’s not the simplest thing you can do, but what really matters in all of this is to have fun and enjoy the process. Yes, your baby will have special needs, you must stock up on baby food, snacks, and medical products, but it’s still a special trip. It’s something you will remember for a long time, and you may even add a picture from this trip in your baby birthday photo frame you got as a gift!

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