Top 7 Best Gifts To Motivate Teens In School - Love and Bub Artworks

Top 7 Best Gifts To Motivate Teens In School

Pamper your lovable teen with exciting gift surprises.

Who doesn't like gifts and surprises? Gifts are the best way to express your love, your affection for anyone. Especially the kids and the teens. However, there are different categories of gifts meant for a particular age group. For instance dolls and remote cars for kids, soft toys for kids and teens stationery, clothes, and the things that interest kids and teens. Let's discuss in detail ft ideas for teens. Teens are the age group that falls between the age of 13 to 19 years.

  1. Teens at the mentioned age are high on energy and have a zest for going for anything without giving a single thought whether their goal will be achieved or not so it's very wise to gift them with stuff where their energies are channelized like roller skates, tennis kit, season cricket kit, skateboard, etc and along with that an energy drink pack which would not require your words to make them realize what you expect from them.
  1. The 13-19 age group is the perfect age range when you as a parent can give them the right direction to their hobbies. Giving them any musical instrument like guitar, violin, synthesizer, etc. Would emphasize them to look forward to the lifestyle of a rockstar.
  1. Today's generation is gazette freak. Love for newly emerged gazettes like power banks, smartwatches, tabs, PlayStation, video games, Bluetooth coupled with speakers or headphones, all these ruins the sleep if these teens get desperate enough to grab them all and be called techy.
  1. Today's generation is the fashionista bunch. They can come out with such a style which ends up setting a trend for generations to come. So what can be the best than stoles, caps, accessories as a gift to them so that they can style themselves in variety.
  1. Girls are more pamper fanatics. They love to be pampered with gifts more than boys. And as girls step their sweet 16 age they become conscious about their looks. So endure and surprise them with the branded cosmetic gift which they search for online shopping.
  1. Along with a cosmetic lover, girls are also dreamers for stylish bags and clothes. They love to showcase their wardrobe bunch to their peer groups by accentuating their outfits with matching bags. So surprise your favorites with their favorite desires.
  1. Your fashion statement remains incomplete without a watch gleaming at your wrist. These days brand and stylish wristwatches are available in the watch showroom. To make your gifting decision more easy watches are the favorites of both dudes and the girls. So no more wasting time in making gift decisions. This stuff can be your ultimate selection. Well, optionally you can also opt for perfume. Perfumes are also the heart win-o-win gift.

All these gifts mentioned above are something very common and can fit in all the price range. However, what's in trend nowadays are the gift cards which you can give to your loved ones if you cannot decide on any gift. Nowadays teens want to buy them gifts according to their choice.

June 20, 2021 by Lia Anderson

7 Personalized Gifts for Baby Girls (2021 Guide)

Personalized baby presents that are well-made can be valued for years, and may even be kept by the child as they mature into an adult. When you start looking for personalized baby presents, however, you'll soon remember how many choices exist. This is why this content whittled it down to only the best seven exclusive baby presents. In this collection, there is an appropriate option for each and every infant.

1. A blanket with your child’s name on it

A personalized baby blanket, designed just for him or her, just lets the child you're buying a present to feel the touch of your love. He or she'll treasure this present for years to come, and whenever he sees it, he'll think of you. The blankets are beautifully soft and made of high-quality materials, which makes them one of the finest infant or young child gifts available.

2. Customized Canvas 

A customized Canvas captures all of the newborn baby girl's features in an appealing, vibrant style. It would make a lovely centerpiece for a kid's room and serve as a reminder to both children and parents of the moment she was born.

3. Handprint or Footprints Ornament with Personalization

Take a glance no further than this customized handprint or footprint ornament for a personalized baby girl gift that will melt their parents' hearts each moment they see it. This is really an item that encourages a mother to make an ornament out of her kid's handprints or footprints.

4. Girls' Customized Dolls 

A custom baby doll is a perfect idea if you're searching for a personalized gift for a newborn daughter. It's a one-of-a-kind doll also with the baby's identity embroidered in the middle of the outfit. With its super soft fabric and fluffy core, the baby can enjoy cuddling as an infant. 

5. Customize a picture frame with the words "My First Year."

My First Year Frame
It's amazing how easily time passes. This “My First Year Frame” is purposely stopping to take photos and savor each landmark is one of the effective methods to slow things down. And with this customized picture frame, it's a breeze to do just that.

6. Personalized Door Cross

A door cross is a perfect choice if you're shopping for a personalized baby girl gift for someone who is spiritual. It can be placed on a door or on your living room walls. It not only has the child's name including birthday somewhere at the top, but it also has the terms "God bless this child" below. 

7. Pillow with a name on it

Pillows must be one of those things that you can never get too many of. They can be both decorative and functional, providing a place to rest your head for an otherwise dull space. This is why a customized pillow is such a wonderful infant girl present.


When a person has a kid, they are showered with presents. The overwhelming bulk of such presents are either given away or overlooked. A customized baby present is one of the simplest and convenient ways to ensure that your child's gift stands the test of time. 

June 18, 2021 by Lia Anderson
Our Top 5 Favorite Newborn Products 2021 - Love and Bub Artworks

Our Top 5 Favorite Newborn Products 2021

Having a newborn baby means having to invest in high-quality baby clothes, accessories, toys, nursery items, and other baby essentials.

With many newborn and infant products available in the market, we’ve listed down 5 of our favorite newborn products that we think should be included in your baby must-have list.

  • Baby Nest
  • A baby nest or sleep pods give your baby a cozy and comfortable place to lie down on, whether sleeping or awake. has compiled a list of the best baby nests which we recommend you try out. We like baby nests because they can be used at home or while traveling, giving parents the flexibility to move around while making sure that the baby feels at home wherever she is.

  • 3-in-1 Stroller
  • One of our favorite newborn products is the stroller that converts into a car seat and a carrier. Imagine, you only have to purchase one product and, yet, you get three baby essentials right away. The 3-in-1 stroller may be a little expensive, but this is because it has multiple functions and features and provides you ultimate convenience and flexibility.

  • Automatic Baby Rocker
  • Are you tired of carrying and swinging your newborn just to put her to sleep? Does she not like being put down in her crib? If these are very familiar scenarios, what you need is an automatic baby rocker. It’s small, functional, and effective in soothing your baby and putting her to sleep. Try it! We’ve proven how it works every single time.

  • Miracle Blanket
  • Speaking of putting the baby to sleep, here’s another tried-and-tested product that will solve your baby’s sleep troubles. The Miracle Blanket is designed to safely, comfortably, and warmly swaddle your newborn in a way that will put her to sleep fast. It’s definitely something to add to your baby’s must-haves.

  • Personalized Canvas Wall Art
  • Finally, our favorite newborn product is the Love and Bub personalized wall arts. A great addition to your baby’s nursery, these portraits not only showcase the cuteness of your little one, but also preserve your memories of them as a newborn baby. Our favorites include the Hatched Egg, Wreath of Blue Flowers, and Precious Treasure Box


    Having a newborn baby in the family is truly an exciting time. Do you have your own list of your favorite products?

    June 16, 2021 by Lia Anderson
    4 Unique Gifts For Super Dads This 2021 - Love and Bub Artworks

    4 Unique Gifts For Super Dads This 2021

    We all have that one special man in our life, and we call him dad. He’s not only a parent, but also a friend, mentor, adviser, coach, teacher, clown, and most of the time, our superhero. This Father’s Day, show your love and appreciation to the man who’s always been there for you to protect, comfort, and love you for who you are. These unique gifts for dads will definitely make him smile and feel special.

    Cool and Unique Gifts for Dads

    • Statement Shirts


      Because plain and branded shirts may be too dull and boring, choose statement shirts that will make your dad smile on Father’s Day. We found these funny dad statement shirts on Etsy that say "World's Best Farter, I Mean Father", "I ke or "I Tell the Funniest Dad Jokes" are not just fun and exciting; they will definitely make your dad smile, too.

      • Self-stirring Coffee Mug


      Dads love hot and delicious coffee. But instead of giving your father a regular mug that he himself can buy at the local store, why don’t you gift him with this really cool mug that stirs automatically by itself and keeps his coffee hot for a long time? He’ll surely look forward to his coffee breaks.

      • Memory Foam Pillow

      Coop Home Goods - Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow - Cross-Cut Memory Foam Fill - Lulltra Washable Cover from Bamboo Derived Rayon - CertiPUR-US/GREENGUARD Gold Certified - Queen

      Our dads work really hard day in and day out just to provide us with the things we need. And even upon going home, they also repair stuff in the house, mow the lawn, and help out with other house chores. They deserve to have a sound and peaceful sleep every night. Thus, another item to add to our list of unique gifts for dads is this memory foam pillow that will help them sleep in the best position and relieve any neck and back pain they may be feeling.

      • Canvas Wall Art

      If you are feeling a bit sentimental and you want your dad to have a good souvenir of you as a child, another perfect gift for Father’s Day is a canvas wall art that he can display in his bedroom or put up in his office wall. Some creative designs you can choose from including the Stadium, Bottled Pixie, and Magical Unicorn.

      For all the hard work and sacrifices they made for us, our dads deserve the best. We may not always say “I love you” to them but with any of these unique gifts for dads, they’ll definitely know that our gesture speaks about love, care, and gratitude for being our superhero!

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      5 Favorite Baby Products for 3 to 6-Month-Old Babies 2021 - Love and Bub Artworks

      5 Favorite Baby Products for 3 to 6-Month-Old Babies 2021

      A new baby at home means buying a whole new set of baby stuff and essentials that she needs in order to develop and thrive. Aside from diapers, baby bottles, and baby clothes, here are some baby products for 3 to 6-month-old babies that we think are vital to your baby’s comfort and development.

      5. Crib and Mobile


      A snug and comfortable crib will help your baby rest and sleep cozily, especially since she will spend most of her time dozing off. Meanwhile, a baby mobile is a set of toys suspended above her crib which your baby can look at and observe while lying down. The colors, shapes, and movement of these toys will help her with his cognitive development. Try this top-selling Winnie The Pooh Crib Mobile from Pottery Barn Kids for only $69 USD.

      4. Rocker

      Infant-to-Toddler Rocker with Geo Diamonds from Fisher-Price

      When not in her crib, you can place your baby on a baby rocker to soothe and help her take a nap. Choose one with a soft and comfortable cushioned seat, as well as a safety belt, to ensure that she will not fall and get hurt. Baby rockers also come in electronic models, so you only have to press a button and it will rock your baby to sleep. Try this best-selling Infant-to-Toddler Rocker with Geo Diamonds from Fishre-Price for only $44.99.

      3. Baby Monitor


      If you cannot be with your baby all the time and you need to leave her in her room for a couple of minutes, you may want to get a baby monitor. This is a tool that enables you to watch your baby even if you’re in another room. With a baby monitor, you can hear her when she cries or wakes us, thus, enabling you to go back to her nursery.

      2. Play Mat and Gym


      For your baby’s playtime, one of our favorite baby products for 3 to 6-month-old babies is a play mat where she can lie down and a play gym that consists of brightly colored and interactive toys she can observe and play with. By letting her explore these tools on her own, you are helping her develop her motor and cognitive skills.

      1. Canvas Wall Art

      Greatest Love Theme by Love and Bub

      Finally, for your baby’s nursery, our favorite product is personalized canvas art of your baby’s photo that can easily be hung on walls as decor.  The designs that we love the most include Sunflower Garden Bucket and Greatest Love.

      There are so many more baby products for 3 to 6-month-old babies that we think are cool and useful, but the 5 above are our favorites because not only do they make the nursery conducive and complete, but they also help provide babies’ comfort and enhance development.

      For other useful and helpful products for your children and babies, make sure to check out our blog often.

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      3 Fun And Unique Gifts That Teens Actually Want To Receive 2021 - Love and Bub Artworks

      3 Fun And Unique Gifts That Teens Actually Want To Receive 2021

      Buying a gift for your kids is easy—when they're not moody teenagers. It can be tricky to buy something for your teenage daughter, son, or friend because you just never know what they want at the moment. But no need to worry anymore because we have the answer to your problem. 

      Check out the list we have curated below for the best unique gifts for teens in 2021. 

      1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

      Anyone who has a teenager knows how much time those kids spend on Instagram. And one of the latest trends on the social media platform is polaroid photos. Cameras that print photos instantly on the spot may seem like something taken out of a 90’s history book, and it is, but it is also a hot trend for Gen Z teenagers. The Instax Mini 11 is the latest model of the top camera brand, Fujifilm. Just don’t forget to buy some film along with it and it is sure to be among the top unique gifts for teens in 2021. 


      1. Spotify Gift Card

      “Earphones in, the world out”—what teenager doesn’t live by that? Almost every teenager is convinced they can’t last a day without the latest pop music blasting on their ears. This makes a Spotify gift card one of the most unique gifts for teens in 2021. They can access all the music they want to their heart’s content right on the Spotify app. 

      1. Personalized Canvas Portrait from Love and Bub

      Teenagers aren’t always all about the cool life. With mood swings here and there, teens are very emotional and sentimental people too. And they will surely love a portrait of them, either recent or them as a baby, on a beautiful canvas print. Choose from the top Love & Bub designs such as this Magical Unicorn, Mermaid, or River Sprite.

      The teenage years are when children grow out of their likeness for toys, but are not yet matured enough for adult stuff. That’s why it’s really important to choose gifts that will spark their interests. We hope the list above has given you an idea for unique gifts for teens this 2021.

      April 29, 2021 by Lia Anderson
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      Unique Gifts That Teens Are Not Expecting To Receive 2021 - Love and Bub Artworks

      Unique Gifts That Teens Are Not Expecting To Receive 2021

      Today is a topic for a different age group. In today's article, we'll be talking about the fun and unique gifts teens nowadays want to get.

      Teens are a daunting demographic to buy for. They're often the first people rush into the newest products and cultural phenomena that you're probably not as aware of — but they also don't have the deep pockets to get everything they want for themselves. Thankfully, that leaves plenty of opportunities open for you.

      Below, you'll find the top 3 unique gifts teens they are not expecting receive plus 3 bonuses that are hot now. There's useful technology like mini projectors and shower speakers as well as of-the-moment must-haves like instant cameras and personalized artworks. If you're still having trouble finding something great, and you can't just ask them what they want, here's where to start.

      A Personalized Canvas Print

      Teens: They basically rule the world when it comes to music, trends, pop culture — pretty much everything. And for that reason, gift shopping for teenagers can be quite tricky. Plus, it can be difficult figuring out what's cool enough but still ranks age-appropriate.

      A personalized canvas print would never be inappropriate no matter what age they are.

      A Subscription Box or A Digital Subscription (from Birch Box, Disney+ or Netflix)

      Monthly subscription gifts are a great gift that keeps on giving.

      There’s something for everyone, from beauty and grooming subscription boxes for YouTube beauty vloggers to gadget-obsessed tech wizards, movie lovers, sports fanatics, and everyone in-between for every type of budget.

      Monthly subscription gifts are a great gift that keeps on giving.

      There’s something for everyone, from beauty and grooming subscription boxes for YouTube beauty vloggers to gadget-obsessed tech wizards, movie lovers, sports fanatics, and everyone in-between for every type of budget.

      A New Collectible Item For Gamers

      If you’re not a gamer yourself, it can feel next to impossible to know what to buy for the gamer in your life. Every gamer can find space on their shelf for another collectible. Let their gaming heroes stand tall with one of our impressive statues or get the perfect gift for your loved ones.

      Lifestyle Gadgets below will get your kid happy for a long while:

      By using pairing these gadgets with their smartphones, they can: easily access information to inform, entertain themselves, and at the same time educate themselves.


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      Thank you!
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      Unique Gifts for 5-year Old Boys 2021 - Love and Bub Artworks

      Unique Gifts for 5-year Old Boys 2021

      The best gifts and toys for 5-year-olds should acknowledge their developmental milestones at the same time, inspire their creativity and independent play. As they move to big-kid territory, the 5-year-olds you love will cherish these presents.

      Many 5-year-olds can tell simple stories using full or so sentences, count to 10 or beyond, copy geometric shapes, and sing a few lines of their favorite songs or episodes. They probably have friends and might like to sing, dance, skip, climb, and run around. So it's important that whether you are the parent or the uncle, you give them that gifts should play to their strengths, encourage them to explore, practice their wits, and last on this list is to show them how valuable or loved they are no matter who they are or their capabilities as a 5 year old.

      Clay Dinosaurs

      Kids bring the mighty T-Rex, triceratops, and stegosaurus to life by covering plastic fossils with molding clay. The set includes three plastic dinosaur skeletons, five types of clay, plus molding tools and wiggly eyes.

      Wooden Robot Craft Kit
      So simple yet so enchanting, kids transform three ordinary wood robots into mythical creatures using stickers, paints, and paint brushes.

      Kid's Custom Portrait or Personalized Artwork

      Looking for a unique gift for a young man?

      Whether it’s for your nephew, grandson, or kid of your own, you can never go wrong with a personalized portrait! It's unique, it's fun, it can be an inspiration to achieve his goals, and most of all, it's something that the kid can treasure for the rest of his life.

      Magical and meaningful themes that you can’t find anywhere else!

      Beaker Creatures
      A very cool and engaging STEM set, which has kids making glowing slime, cobwebs, and bubbles. There are 10 experiments total.

      Builder Construction Set
      This brilliant 136-piece set is the ultimate in open-ended play, with a nice STEM edge. Kids use the pieces to build whatever they think up. A car-caboose-plane that on wheels? Sure. Why not?

      Simple Dimple
      The frame is made of strong, high-quality plastic - ideal for rattling around in your pocket or purse - and the two colorful buttons are made of 100% food-grade silicone. One touch and your fingers can't stop pushing, poking, and popping!

      Build It Blueprint Puzzles
      On one side of each precision-cut puzzle piece is the blueprint - complete with measurements - while on the other side is the colorful exterior. Follow the blueprints like a real architect and build like a real builder to make a vibrant 3D structure! It's made for boys but young girls can play too!

      Wooden Learning Toy with Illustrative Book
      For kids frustrated by virtual school, quarantine, or both, these egghead buddies will boost your child's imagination.

      Kiddie Walkie Talkies
      Parents these days tend to appreciate being able to keep in touch with their kids when they’re down the street or off in the woods, and these high-quality walkie-talkies.

      And that concludes our unique gifts for 5 year olds for now. We'll be adding new ones as we find more unique and cool gifts for your growing kids so watch out for this space and subscribe to our mailing list.

      Disclaimer: Every product mentioned in our articles are independently selected by our writers and experts. If you click a link on our site and buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost for you and at times you may get a discount or even a freebie.

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      Where to Buy and Why Should You Buy A Custom Artwork As A Gift? - Love and Bub Artworks

      Where to Buy and Why Should You Buy A Custom Artwork As A Gift?

      We've shown you some of our favorite gifts for babies, moms, and growing children in the past articles. And they all have one denominator: a custom artwork or personalized portrait, it's the best unique gift you can give to someone you love care for.

      Let's say that you're decided which one to give as a gift.

      Now, you ask yourself "How Much Is a Personalized Portrait and what are my options?"

      To tell you the truth, the price starts from $300 USD climbing to a whopping $10,000 USD for an original, full-sized portrait, from life or a photo model, by a proficient full-time artist, in the semi-impressionistic/semi-realistic style commonly commissioned in the past.

      But the internet has made it easier to commission the portraits of non-traditional aesthetics, styles, and mediums. You can now buy custom artworks and personalized portraits as low as $69 USD! We've compiled a list below of trustworthy websites that we know would make you smile when you receive your custom portrait!

      There are different types of personalized portraits. Which one should you get?
      1. Pet Portraits
      2. Children's Portraits
      3. Family Portraits
      4. Name Portraits
      5. Baby Portraits
      6. Digital Painting Portraits
      7. Caricature Artwork

      Pet Canvas Portraits

      Bring all of your pet's endearing, quirky, and unique characteristics to life in pet portraits, whether you're drawing or painting.

      A pet portrait artist can work in a variety of mediums including oils, acrylics, charcoal, pastels, and watercolors. While most portraits are painted on canvas, some artists choose to create their images on pillows, wall hangings, vases, lamps, or jewelry.

      Pet portrait canvas and poster products (and everything else) make a great gift idea to any dog lover, cat mom, or pet owner in your life. We've identified some of the top pet portrait websites to date, they are Crown and Paw, West and Willow, Canvas Pop, Paint Your Life, and My Pooch Face. Feel free to take a look at their work and let us know in the comments your thoughts.

      Children's Canvas Portraits

      These days, most moms and dads have a nice camera, and many moms take photos of their kids daily and in some cases thousands of photos per day!

      But the problem with that is in this era, all things are only visible in social media platforms and nothing physically seen in homes. Commissioning a personalized portrait from Love and Bub turns your home-taken photos to stunning artwork printed in a wrapped canvas.

      Family Portraits
      Every home deserves to have a proud family portrait masterpiece to share and preserve your family legacy with a fine handcrafted personalized from regular pictures. Our most warmest memories are the times spent with Family. Celebrate family with custom canvas painting.


      Turn your regular family photo to the simpsons family! This is sure to be a memory that everyone would like to see!

      Snappy Canvas

      These guys bring your family photo to life with a custom, hand-painted family portrait created by their incredible artists.

      Canvas Name Portraits

      Name portraits are perfect for any special occasion such as baby showers, Christmas, or birthdays. Put your loved-ones name right on a canvas or frame, hang it on their bedroom wall, and voila!

      We found 4 top companies that provide this service:
      Family Gifts Co, The Personalization Co, Personal Prints, and Namestories.

      Baby Canvas Portraits

      Babies are the cutest! We all now that every parent nowadays take shots of their baby's everyday activities. With Love and Bub, you as a parent can turn those photos at home into a digital background - in a studio photography-style! They offer lots of themed backgrounds for both newborns and toddlers but their goal is the same: To create a lasting picture of your precious babies!


      They provide a unique experience; these guys create custom hand-painted oil portraits and turn them into Royalty -- similar to Crown and Paw, but only for humans.


      These guys create digitally hand-made painting to just “Wow” you and your loved ones.

      You be the judge.

      Caricature Canvas Artworks

      Hand made to order, animated & cartoon prints are a classic! We found 4 websites that offer caricature canvas prints as well as poster prints which you can put in your room, office, or anywhere you like!

      These are the top online caricature companies we found: Dezains, PhotoLamus, FineArtAmerica, and CanvasDesign. Feel free to browse their collections and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

      id You Know?

      There are some portrait artists who paint high-end custom portraits for prices ranging from about $2,500 to $10,000 USD, depending on the size and complexity of the painting.

      April 14, 2021 by Lia Anderson
      Unique Gifts for Mom (Heartwarming and Unforgettable) - Love and Bub Artworks

      Unique Gifts for Mom (Heartwarming and Unforgettable)

      When buying gifts for Mom, you want to stay way from the typical ones which you usually buy. If you want to buy her something different, this list is full of personalized gifts for Mom which she’ll love. There’s jewelry, ornaments, and even kitchen equipment; they can all be personalized to mean something to her.

      Love and Bub's Custom Portrait

      Love and Bub Custom Portrait
      If you’re looking for personalized gifts for Mom, they don’t get more personal than this. Select one of her favorite baby photos, whether it’s of herself, her siblings, or son/daughter, and have it made into the most beautiful canvas portrait which she can hang in her house with pride.

      Past Book Photo Book

      Past Photo Book

      As nice as photos in frames are, we can’t have every single photo we take hanging on the wall. But having them on the computer isn’t much good either. So instead, why not get them made into a photo book which you can get out whenever you want to see them?

      DNA Ancestry Test Kit

      DNA Ancestry Test Kit

      Knowing where you come from is a big deal and finding out which types of ancestry are within you is so interesting. Your Mom will be able to discover where her roots lie with this home Ancestry DNA kit. All she needs to do is provide a saliva sample and wait for the results.

      Latitude Longitude Pendant

      Langitude Longitude Pendant

      Does Mom have a special place, somewhere she loves visiting which hold important memories for her? It could be where her children were born or where she met her husband. If so, she can wear the coordinates of this amazing place close to her with this engraved pendant.

      New York Times Custom Birthday Book

      New York Times Custom Birthday Book

      Birthdays are a great time for you to celebrate someone’s life and achievements throughout the years, and this is the perfect gift to show them what was happening in the world on their birthday each year, from when they were born to present day, straight from the front page of The New York Times.

      "Mama" Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Necklace
      Personalized Hashtag Necklace

      There are dozens of personalized necklaces seen all over social media but having a "Mama" necklace beats them all! It's a statement! One that every mother would be proud to tell the world!

      Personalized Family Member Canvas

      Personalized Family Member Canvas

      If your family live all over the world, you all need one of these signs in your house or yard to remind yourself that they’re still close by. Personalize this cute signpost with the important members of your family, their location and distance from you.


      Like what you see? You can order one for your precious child!

      April 12, 2021 by Lia Anderson