When buying gifts for Mom, you want to stay way from the typical ones which you usually buy. If you want to buy her something different, this list is full of personalized gifts for Mom which she’ll love. There’s jewelry, ornaments, and even kitchen equipment; they can all be personalized to mean something to her.

Love and Bub's Custom Portrait

Love and Bub Custom Portrait
If you’re looking for personalized gifts for Mom, they don’t get more personal than this. Select one of her favorite baby photos, whether it’s of herself, her siblings, or son/daughter, and have it made into the most beautiful canvas portrait which she can hang in her house with pride.

Past Book Photo Book

Past Photo Book

As nice as photos in frames are, we can’t have every single photo we take hanging on the wall. But having them on the computer isn’t much good either. So instead, why not get them made into a photo book which you can get out whenever you want to see them?

DNA Ancestry Test Kit

DNA Ancestry Test Kit

Knowing where you come from is a big deal and finding out which types of ancestry are within you is so interesting. Your Mom will be able to discover where her roots lie with this home Ancestry DNA kit. All she needs to do is provide a saliva sample and wait for the results.

Latitude Longitude Pendant

Langitude Longitude Pendant

Does Mom have a special place, somewhere she loves visiting which hold important memories for her? It could be where her children were born or where she met her husband. If so, she can wear the coordinates of this amazing place close to her with this engraved pendant.

New York Times Custom Birthday Book

New York Times Custom Birthday Book

Birthdays are a great time for you to celebrate someone’s life and achievements throughout the years, and this is the perfect gift to show them what was happening in the world on their birthday each year, from when they were born to present day, straight from the front page of The New York Times.

"Mama" Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Necklace
Personalized Hashtag Necklace

There are dozens of personalized necklaces seen all over social media but having a "Mama" necklace beats them all! It's a statement! One that every mother would be proud to tell the world!

Personalized Family Member Canvas

Personalized Family Member Canvas

If your family live all over the world, you all need one of these signs in your house or yard to remind yourself that they’re still close by. Personalize this cute signpost with the important members of your family, their location and distance from you.


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