The best gifts and toys for 5-year-olds should acknowledge their developmental milestones at the same time, inspire their creativity and independent play. As they move to big-kid territory, the 5-year-olds you love will cherish these presents.

Many 5-year-olds can tell simple stories using full or so sentences, count to 10 or beyond, copy geometric shapes, and sing a few lines of their favorite songs or episodes. They probably have friends and might like to sing, dance, skip, climb, and run around. So it's important that whether you are the parent or the uncle, you give them that gifts should play to their strengths, encourage them to explore, practice their wits, and last on this list is to show them how valuable or loved they are no matter who they are or their capabilities as a 5 year old.

Clay Dinosaurs

Kids bring the mighty T-Rex, triceratops, and stegosaurus to life by covering plastic fossils with molding clay. The set includes three plastic dinosaur skeletons, five types of clay, plus molding tools and wiggly eyes.

Wooden Robot Craft Kit
So simple yet so enchanting, kids transform three ordinary wood robots into mythical creatures using stickers, paints, and paint brushes.

Kid's Custom Portrait or Personalized Artwork

Looking for a unique gift for a young man?

Whether it’s for your nephew, grandson, or kid of your own, you can never go wrong with a personalized portrait! It's unique, it's fun, it can be an inspiration to achieve his goals, and most of all, it's something that the kid can treasure for the rest of his life.

Magical and meaningful themes that you can’t find anywhere else!

Beaker Creatures
A very cool and engaging STEM set, which has kids making glowing slime, cobwebs, and bubbles. There are 10 experiments total.

Builder Construction Set
This brilliant 136-piece set is the ultimate in open-ended play, with a nice STEM edge. Kids use the pieces to build whatever they think up. A car-caboose-plane that on wheels? Sure. Why not?

Simple Dimple
The frame is made of strong, high-quality plastic - ideal for rattling around in your pocket or purse - and the two colorful buttons are made of 100% food-grade silicone. One touch and your fingers can't stop pushing, poking, and popping!

Build It Blueprint Puzzles
On one side of each precision-cut puzzle piece is the blueprint - complete with measurements - while on the other side is the colorful exterior. Follow the blueprints like a real architect and build like a real builder to make a vibrant 3D structure! It's made for boys but young girls can play too!

Wooden Learning Toy with Illustrative Book
For kids frustrated by virtual school, quarantine, or both, these egghead buddies will boost your child's imagination.

Kiddie Walkie Talkies
Parents these days tend to appreciate being able to keep in touch with their kids when they’re down the street or off in the woods, and these high-quality walkie-talkies.

And that concludes our unique gifts for 5 year olds for now. We'll be adding new ones as we find more unique and cool gifts for your growing kids so watch out for this space and subscribe to our mailing list.

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