Being promoted to grandad is a big deal. When you share the news about his first grandchild, his excitement and thrill definitely cannot be contained! Many choose to give a small gift to announce and surprise the new grandpa. In this article, you’ll find the best gifts for a new grandad to help him celebrate getting promoted to a new role.

These new grandad gifts are also perfect when he is spending his Father’s Day under the new role or these can be taken as unique gifts from his first grandchild, on Father’s Day, on Christmas Day, and his birthday!

7. Nana and Papa Established Photo Display

Any man gets emotional or tender once in a while, especially when they are handed their very first grandchild. This photo display is sentimental If you have been looking for new grandpa gift ideas, try this sentimental photo display. He will get so happy and delighted seeing a photo of himself with the newborn.

6. “Promoted to Grandpa” T-shirt

Searching for a simple but super cool pregnancy announcement gift for the new grandad? Then give this simple yet unique Promoted to Grandpa t-shirt a chance.

You will be surprised how much he will love it! And the t-shirt is also a perfect Christmas present for the grandpa-to-be.

5. “Fun Grandpa” Hat

You know what? Only TRULY fun grandpas have fun grandpa hats

This is a practical gift for a new grandfather that he will proudly wear to all family gatherings. And it’s available in various colors.

4. A Custom Portrait

Since the pandemic began, people have started appreciating spending time with their loved ones. That said, surprise your dad and grandads with one of the most practical gifts – a beautiful custom portrait of their grand children. Remember to include his favorite photo of his favorite grandchild!

3. “Best Gramps Ever” Coffee Mug

If he can’t go a day without drinking a hot cup of tea or coffee, he’ll love this simple yet sentimental “Best Gramps Ever” mug!

2. Grandpa Est Whiskey Glass

Instead of worrying over the typical gift ideas for a new grandpa, get him something unforgettable. This stylish glass is a home run! What’s best is he won’t even realize what’s happening until he reads the engraved message. He might even shed some happy tears!

1. “Please Pass Me To Grandpa” Baby Onesie

Have you been wondering how to announce your pregnancy to your father or father-in-law? If he is a hilarious jokester, he’ll love this cool gift. You can be sure the soon-to-be grandpa will be in fits of laughter when he realizes what’s happening! Any grandad would smile when they see their grandchild wearing this onesie!

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