Are you looking for the perfect baby present? Look no further—we rounded up the best newborn baby gifts for this year.

10. Milestone Cards
The best baby gifts for new parents are ones they’ll use over and over again—and even better if it’s something they’re less likely to buy themselves. Think of this deck of cards as handheld photo captions; parents like you will be thrilled to capture photos of the moment your baby crawls, smiles and eats solids for the first time and document baby’s growth with these adorable illustrated signs.

9. Swaddle Bundle
Since new parents may not be up to leaving the house all that much especially in this pandemic, you can bring brunch to them with this adorable swaddle and hood. You can choose your favorite color for your baby's gender.

8. Chair Bean Bag or Personalized Couch
In this modern age, people want comfort. With couch bean bags, it's a perfect gift for both moms and their babies. Not only that it's comfortable, you're sure that’ll last for years: It’s perfect for posing your baby for their monthly milestone photos and for story time when they enter the toddler years.

7. Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys
Every newborn deserves to have a plush toy they can call their own. And adorable elephants, unicorns, bears, dogs, and monkeys does more than sit and look cute—its ears come to life at the push of a button on each foot. 

6. Baby Bath Set
There’s no denying it, babies love water! They love the splash they make inside their bath tubs, they love the bubbles their shampoo. Also, the bathrobes, and other baby bath clothing and accessories are one of those best gifts for newborns up to 2 years that’s sure to make a splash at bath time.

5. Themed, colored, or personalized onesies
Truth: Babies tend to go through multiple outfits a day. But newborns can at least start the morning off with cotton onesies. While most onesies are pretty gender-neutral, they also make a set for baby girls. You can count that onesies as are one of the best baby gifts that will get a lot of use.

4. Rubber Duck
The idea behind it is that the rubber duck is a symbol of happiness and childhood memories, giving comfort to not only babies but whoever is taking a bath. You can't have this on your baby's bath accessories!

3. Milestone Board
Crafty and DIY-minded parents will love a baby gift like this erasable chalk or marker board. It can be used each month for baby’s monthly photos and has plenty of space to note baby’s latest accomplishments, like how many teeth they have, new likes and dislikes, height, weight and more.

2. Custom Name Illustration / Baby Name Art
It can be hard to choose the best baby gift to get a loved one. But if you know the theme they’re going for in their nursery, you can’t go wrong with a custom illustration with baby’s name and birth info, like a cute giraffe or cat. Whether the little one is coming home to a safari, woodland, dinosaurs, under-the-sea oasis or a princess’s castle, you can get a custom-illustrated print to suit their style. It’s the perfect gift they can hang in their baby boy or girl’s room for years to come.

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