Can’t decide on what to get your seven-year-old? We know it's hard to pick a gift that kids will actually love and use for a long time. Worry not because your ordeal ends here with our curated list of the best gifts for 7 year-olds

  1. Light-Up Drawing Board



This interactive drawing pad will keep any seven-year-old occupied for hours. It's not just any drawing board because once they finish their art, kids can proudly show off their work by lighting up the board. The board illuminates the ink the kids used to make their drawings to enhance it further. The fact that this light-up drawing board nurtures the natural creativity of kids definitely makes it one of the top gifts for 7 year-olds.

  1. Mini ATM Piggy Bank


It’s never too early to teach kids to save money. The problem is that kids get tempted to use up their savings way too early. A fun way to get them to save more is offered by this ATM Piggy Bank Machine. It is an electronic device that makes saving more fun and interactive for kids to encourage them to do it more often. 

  1. Premium Customized Portrait 

Seven years old is the age when kids are at the peak of being imaginative. Make their fantasies come alive with a customized canvas portrait of them as knights, mermaids, or fairies. Love and Bub offers a convenient and economical way of getting a premium portrait to hang up your wall. 

Kids look carefree and they are but sometimes, it’s not so easy being a seven-year-old who's transitioning from being a toddler into an adolescent. They deserve nothing but the best and when you choose from our list of the top gifts for 7 year-olds, you’ll surely give them that.  

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